GPT Stocks Master Review – Charting New Heights in Online Trading

GPT Stocks Master Review

Bridging AI and Finance

In the fast-paced, complex world of online trading, the GPT Stocks Master course offers a unique and innovative approach. Leveraging the power of the AI language model ChatGPT, this course ushers in a new era of trading, where complex market predictions are seamlessly navigated with artificial intelligence.

What sets GPT Stocks Master apart from other financial courses is its ability to make AI approachable for individuals regardless of their background. This course isn’t just for seasoned traders, but for anyone who is keen to leverage cutting-edge technology in their financial journey. The genius of ChatGPT is utilized to simplify complex financial jargon and provide insights on trading strategies in an easy-to-understand manner.

A Structured Approach to AI Trading

The strength of the GPT Stocks Master course lies in its well-structured, user-friendly design. The course material is broken down into modules, easing learners into the often overwhelming world of stock trading and AI technology. Each module carefully introduces key trading concepts, from understanding the stock market’s dynamics to implementing algorithmic trading using ChatGPT.

The interactive nature of the course is particularly engaging, with practical exercises accompanying theoretical knowledge. Users get to try their hand at utilizing ChatGPT to perform tasks like predicting stock market trends and managing portfolios, offering a real-time learning experience.

Achieving Financial Success with AI

But does GPT Stocks Master translate into real-world success? Early feedback seems to suggest so. While the course makes it clear that stock trading always involves risk and doesn’t guarantee profits, users report improved financial decision-making skills and a more profound understanding of market trends.

The course equips users with the ability to use AI to make informed trading decisions. Armed with ChatGPT, learners can sift through market noise and make data-driven investment decisions with a confidence that comes from understanding the process. The end result is not just increased financial literacy, but also an empowered trader equipped with a potent blend of AI and financial acumen.

In conclusion

GPT Stocks Master stands as an innovative intersection of AI and finance. With a well-designed course structure, hands-on learning approach, and a focus on tangible results, it offers a valuable resource for anyone venturing into online trading. Whether you are a seasoned trader looking to up your game with AI or a novice investor stepping into the world of stocks, GPT Stocks Master could well be your key to navigating the exciting, yet complex, world of online trading.

Copy Trading’s Increasing Popularity in Forex Trading and other Markets

Copy trading has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it provides an easy and accessible way for novice and experienced traders alike to benefit from the expertise of other, more successful traders.

This type of trading involves copying an experienced trader’s entire portfolio, or a selection of individual investments, in order to benefit from their knowledge.

Why Copy Trading Can be Beneficial for you?

The first major benefit of copy trading for people in forex trading and other markets is that it eliminates the need to constantly monitor the markets and make decisions yourself.

Instead, you can simply select a trader who is experienced in the field and let them do the work for you. This is especially useful for traders who are new to the markets, as they don’t need to spend time learning the ins and outs of trading before they can start profiting.

ZuluTrade - #1 Forex Copy Trading Platform

ZuluTrade – #1 Forex Copy Trading Platform

Another benefit of copy trading is that it allows traders to diversify their investments. As you can copy multiple experienced traders, you can spread your investments across different markets and strategies, reducing the risk of a major loss if one sector or strategy fails.

This type of diversification is especially important for more experienced traders, as it can help protect their portfolios from volatility in the markets.

Opportunity to Learn from the Best

Copy trading is a great way to learn from experienced traders. As you can see the trades that they make and their performance over time, you can gain valuable insights into their strategies and the markets.

This can be invaluable for novice traders, as it can help them develop their own trading strategies and become more successful in the long run.

It would be fair to say that copy trading can be an incredibly useful tool for traders of all levels. It eliminates the need to constantly monitor the markets, allows for diversification, and can provide invaluable insights into experienced traders’ strategies.

Therefore, it is definitely worth considering if you are looking to get started in the world of online trading.

How to Successfully Diversify your Portfolio in Copy Trading

The goal of copy trading is to diversify your portfolio and maximize your profits. Here are some tips for diversifying your copy trading portfolio:

Choose multiple traders with different strategies: When diversifying, it’s important to select a few traders with different strategies. This will ensure that your portfolio is diversified across a broader range of assets.

Monitor your portfolio regularly: Keep a close eye on your portfolio and review it regularly. Make sure you understand what each trader is doing and how their strategies are working.

Consider mirroring a hedge fund strategy: If you’re looking for a more diverse portfolio, consider mirroring a hedge fund strategy. This means that you’ll be investing in a variety of assets and strategies, which can help you minimize risk and maximize profit.

By following these tips, you can create a more diversified copy trading portfolio and maximize your profits. Be sure to monitor your portfolio closely and adjust your strategy as necessary.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Platform for Copy Trading

Choosing the right copy trading platform like ZuluTrade that offers copy trading services and other features is essential to achieving success in Forex trading.

The right platform will give you access to the best trading strategies, provide you with efficient customer service, and offer a wide range of tools and features. 

When it comes to copy trading, the platform you choose should have a variety of assets, such as commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, and more, that you can trade.

It should also have a user-friendly interface so you can easily get started and understand how to use the different features. The platform should also be secure, so you can be sure your funds and personal information are kept safe and secure. 

Luna Foundation Guard Supports Avalanche (AVAX) Breakouts

The Luna Foundation Guard supports upward price movements in Avalanche. Technical indicators suggest a leg-up to $95.

  • Avalanche gained about 5.69% on Thursday.
  • News about Luna Foundation Guard acquiring AVAX worth $100 million to create UST reserves supported the surges.
  • Technical indicators display green, with Avalanche holding beyond the 200-day Exponential Moving Average.

Avalanche sustained bullish movements on Thursday, AVAX leading gainers in the top ten. Partially reversing Wednesday’s 8.85%, the alt surged 5.69% to end yesterday at $87.66.

Luna Foundation Guard Boosts AVAX

News about Luna Foundation Guard acquiring about $100M n Avalanche to build UST reserves. Thursday’s report triggered AVAX upticks. Avalanche revealed the purchase news on Twitter. Besides the $100 million AVAX purchase, LFG bought BTC worth $231 million.

Avalanche Price Action

While publishing this blog, Avalanche traded at $88.86, following a 4.69% 24-hour surge.

Avalanche should keep the $85.90 day’s pivot away to support a leg-up to the first crucial resistance zone at $90.41. Support from the overall market is essential for AVAX to overcome Thursday’s peaks of $88.65.

Extended upward moves would see the crypto testing the 2nd massive hurdle at $93.18, then $95. The 3rd massive resistance stands at $100.39. However, declines from the pivot level will see AVAX hitting the first critical support at $83.14. Excluding continued drops, Avalanche should keel sub-$80 away.

The 4-hour candlestick chart and Exponential Moving Average suggest bullishness for Avalanche price. The alt stayed beyond the 200-day Exponential Moving Average, currently near $86.99. Early sessions on Friday had the 50-dayEMA converging on the 100-dayEMA to hit support. Meanwhile, the 100-day Exponential Moving Average drifted from the 200-dayEMA, ensuring support. Action through the 100-day Exponential Moving Average at $90.15 will see AVAX exploring $95.

As stated earlier, Avalanche will depend on the broad market bias for its upcoming session. For now, the crypto spectrum flashes green. While writing this article, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization hovered around $2.02 trillion, following a 1.20% surge over the past day. Maintaining the upside bias would support Avalanche’s upswings in the up-and-coming sessions.

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Ripple (XRP): The Failure to Keep $0.75 Might Mean Another 9% Drop

Ripple’s (XRP) price encountered massive selling strength after the remittance token lost its temporary support near the $0.75 mark. As fear dominates the overall crypto space, XRP will likely face downtrends in the up-and-coming sessions. The market Fear & Greed Index stood at 18/100, suggesting extreme fear that keeps market players worried.

XRP Might Retest Levels at $0.6838

Ripple price exchanges hands around $0.7459. The downbeat mood had the cross-border transaction token staying 31% lower than its 23 December high of $1.0750. The token’s downside price movements have printed descending channels on the daily chart, following many lower lows and lower highs.

The parallel channel highlights bearishness for the alt, and maintaining inside the pattern can mean further drops for XRP. That way, Ripple has to keep the nearest support zone by the channel’s middle border at $0.7459 to prevent crashing towards the prevailing channel’s bottom boundary at $0.6838. Such a move will translate to an 8.87% fall beneath XRP’s current price.

XRP/USD 24Hr Chart

Keep in mind that the current negative sentiment in the overall market validates XRP’s bearish narrative. The crypto space has bled since the sudden crash on 5 January 2021. While publishing this content, the global crypto market capitalization slipped beneath the $2 trillion level (Coinmarketcap data).

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index’s position at 32.98 and downward-sloping MAs validate the bearish case in XRP. Remember, the bearish strength will receive a boost the moment RSI dips into the oversold territory.

The downside move by the Moving Average Convergence Divergence and its position under the zero line within the negative area supports the pessimistic narrative in Ripple. As vital price indicators point to the downside, XRP’s road will fewer obstacles is the plunging one.

Nevertheless, XRP bulls can invalidate the bearish forecast for XRP price by keeping the closest support barrier at $0.74596. Remember, the descending channel’s middle border embraces this floor. If such a case plays out, XRP might rise past the psychological area at $0.80, tagging the channel’s upper boundary around $0.8096. Nevertheless, Ripple’s price movements might rely on upcoming actions in the overall crypto spectrum.

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Top Prices Today – ADA, DOT, SOL Drop Up To 3%

The overall cryptocurrency market cap surged by more than 1% to touch $2.85 trillion. Meanwhile, the global crypto volume lost nearly 29% to stand at $125 billion.

Top digital assets moved in the green today following the brief profit-taking in the past session. Investors turn to riskier assets during the weekend. Keep in mind that the crypto market usually records better performance during the weekend.

Seven of the top ten assets traded higher during early sessions on Friday. Only Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot traded lower during the same time. The overall cryptocurrency market cap gained over 1%, reaching $2.85 trillion. On the other side, the market volume tanked nearly 29% to hover at $125.7 billion.

CoinDCX Research team commented on the market price actions, saying this week’s lows and highs prompted BTC’s volatility questions and bubble bursting threats re-emerged. That threatened the increasing digital coin’s industry credibility. However, it added that international powerhouses such as the US embrace crypto, the digital asset economy might strengthen the asset’s credibility.

Top exchanges have registered a 200% to 500% increase in day traders. They are individuals making money by taking positions in different cryptocurrency assets. For instance, around 105 million Indians hold digital coins, and the crypto exchanges report over 1 million day traders.

On Tuesday, the US leading crypto exchange Coinbase reported an almost 30% decline in Q3 trading volumes. That was due to declining crypto prices and lower volatility by most crypto assets.

Tech View

Litecoin, also known as BTC lite, is a crypto coin designed to provide immediate P2P value exchange at economical rates. LTC is among the oldest assets in the crypto space that boasts a large active online community. The crypto follows the tokenomics model by allowing limited LTC mint. The circulating supply at the moment is nearly 82% of the overall token supply. With the increased inflation and the sentiment in the cryptocurrency space, LTC surged towards the $300 mark.

As Ripple plans to support LTC, BTC, and ETH through the financing hub launch, Litecoin enjoys the top space in the market. For now, the alt ranks 14 by market cap. Litecoin began its upside journey in October and surged more than 100% to explore $302. That was after September’s correction.

Litecoin has massive support near $247, and holding beyond the mark will confirm more upsurges. Meanwhile, breaking under the level will lead to plummets towards the next support at $224. LTC has to close beyond $300 for further rallies.

LTC Major Levels

Support – $247 and $225

Resistance – $280 and $300

OrbitGTM Bewertung – Warum ist die Wahl dieses Brokers gut für Ihre Online Trading Reise?

OrbitGTM Bewertung

OrbitGTM logoUm mit digitalen Vermögenswerten zu handeln, benötigen Sie eine Handelsplattform, die von einem Broker angeboten wird. Mit einem geeigneten Broker wie OrbitGTM können Sie mit Leichtigkeit handeln und Ihre Gewinne optimieren. OrbitGTM stellt Ihnen nicht nur eine Handelsplattform zur Verfügung, sondern unterstützt Sie auch dabei, die besten Investitionsentscheidungen zu treffen. Es gibt jedoch einige Vor- und Nachteile des Online-Handels. Als Trader können Sie viel Geld verdienen oder viel Geld verlieren. Suchen Sie nach Brokern, die Ihnen helfen, die Handelsrisiken zu verringern, während Sie nach Gewinnen streben.

Die Auswahl eines Brokers ist ein wichtiger Schritt für Ihr Online-Trading-Geschäft. Bei so vielen Möglichkeiten sollten Sie den besten Online-Broker wählen, um den Markt besser zu verstehen. Bevor Sie sich bei einem Broker anmelden, sollten Sie so viele Bewertungen wie möglich lesen. Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einem vertrauenswürdigen Broker, bei dem Sie völlig frei in Kryptowährungen investieren können? Werfen Sie einen Blick auf OrbitGTM. Sie werden viele Handelsmöglichkeiten und Vermögenswerte mit dieser Firma haben, die Ihre Handelsreise begünstigen werden. Lesen Sie diese OrbitGTM Bewertung, um mehr über sein Angebot zu erfahren.


OrbitGTM ist die Lösung, die Sie brauchen, wenn Sie ein Brokerage-Unternehmen mit einer Vielzahl von Optionen für seine Kunden suchen. Das Unternehmen konzentriert sich auf Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit Kryptowährungen. Wenn Sie diesen Broker nutzen, haben Sie Zugang zu einer breiten Palette von handelbaren Vermögenswerten. Sie werden in der Lage sein, sich mit Leichtigkeit im Kapitalsektor zurechtzufinden. Sie werden auch Ihre Investitionen diversifizieren, um Handelsrisiken zu reduzieren. Dieser Broker verfügt über seriöse Anlagen mit einer großen Chance, Ihnen Geld zu bringen. Wenn Sie mit völliger Freiheit handeln wollen, wird dieser Broker Sie in keiner Weise einschränken.

Sie können Bitcoin, Monero, NEO, XRP und andere Kryptowährungen mit OrbitGTM handeln. Bevor ein Vermögenswert in den Index aufgenommen wird, führt das OrbitGTM-Team umfangreiche Untersuchungen durch. Infolgedessen kann das Krypto-Unternehmen die besten Angebote aus seriösen Quellen liefern. Wenn Sie mit dem Broker arbeiten, können Sie jeden verfügbaren Vermögenswert ohne Bedenken kaufen oder verkaufen. Sie können neben Kryptowährungen auch Devisenpaare, Rohstoffe, Aktien und Wertpapiere tauschen. Sie haben die Möglichkeit, mit einem einzelnen Vermögenswert oder mit mehreren Vermögenswerten zu handeln.


Welche Vorteile haben Sie von der Handelsplattform Ihres Brokers? Zweifellos ist dies ein wichtiger Aspekt, auf den Sie achten sollten, bevor Sie Ihr Geld einer Kryptofirma anvertrauen. Beim Handel mit digitalen Vermögenswerten wird die Handelsplattform, die Sie verwenden, Ihre Erfahrungen beeinflussen. Kunden können aus einer Vielzahl von Handelsplattformen wählen, die von Online-Brokern angeboten werden. Verwenden Sie die Handelsplattform von OrbitGTM, wenn Sie Ihre Gewinne optimieren wollen. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Tools und Funktionen, die Ihnen helfen, Ihre Krypto-Aktivitäten zu steigern. Möchten Sie die Einsätze in Ihrem Handelsspiel erhöhen? Dann ist OrbitGTM auf Ihrer Seite.

Für seine Kryptowährungsfanatiker schafft OrbitGTM eine ausgezeichnete Handelsplattform. Mit dieser traderfreundlichen Plattform erhalten Sie eine Menge Vorteile. Sie müssen keine zusätzliche Software installieren, um Ihre Handelsaktivitäten auszuführen. Sie können Ihren Webbrowser verwenden, um jede Krypto-Funktion auszuführen. Die größte Besonderheit ist, dass Sie keine Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben werden. Sie können Ihr Handy, Ihren Computer oder Ihren Laptop benutzen, um Ihr Handelskonto zu eröffnen.


OrbitGTM scheint das Bedürfnis nach Sicherheit bei der Durchführung von Online-Transaktionen zu erkennen. Denken Sie daran, dass dieses Geschäft mit opportunistischen geplagt ist So sollten Sie nur mit autorisierten Broker handeln. Dieser Broker verfügt über mehrere Sicherheitsmechanismen, um Ihren Schutz zu gewährleisten. Der Broker befolgt zum Beispiel die AML- und KYC-Vorschriften. Das bedeutet, dass dieser Broker seine Kunden gut kennt und auch mit den Behörden zusammenarbeitet, um Geldwäsche zu verhindern. Auf diese Weise wird sichergestellt, dass das Unternehmen jede Art von illegalen Aktivitäten vermeidet. Dieser fortschrittliche Broker wird Ihre sensiblen Informationen und Ihr Geld schützen.


Um beim Handel mit digitalen Vermögenswerten erfolgreich zu sein, müssen Sie ein Brokerunternehmen mit innovativen Tools und Vermögenswerten auswählen. Möchten Sie mit einem Krypto-Broker arbeiten, der sich um seine Kunden kümmert? Werfen Sie einen Blick auf die Website von OrbitGTM, um zu sehen, was ein seriöser Broker haben sollte.

Aave Reveals V3 Upgrade, Introducing Layer2 Network Support and Cross-chain Feature

Briefly –

  • Aave announced its next upgrade recently, V3, introducing different vital features.
  • The lending platform will accept a cross-chain functionality, allowing users to move tokens between Aave networks.
  • Aave V3 will decrease transaction times fees while upgrading reliability and user experience.

Aave, a DeFi lending protocol, has declared its next upgrade, V3, which will incorporate improvements in the token listing, user experience, and risk management. The blockchain targets to introduce new functionality and Layer-0 decentralized finance protocol.

Aave to Introduce Layer-0 Protocol

Aave announced the V3 update recently, targeting new functionality on the network. The upgrade will allow DeFi protocol to improve user experience, security, decentralization, and capital efficiency.

It will also decentralize new assets listing. With that, Aave governance can allow entities to list digital coins via on-chain votes. V3 will make it more efficient as the current listing procedure is extensive, requiring proposals.

Administrators and governance members will enable supply caps and borrowing caps to reduce related risks. Moreover, the platform will introduce an Isolation mode for further risk management.

The anticipated update will incorporate some other vital functionalities. They include Ethereum-based Layer2 networks support. That would reduce the fees and time to complete transactions because users can escape congestions in the Ethereum network, improving reliability and user experience.

Also, V3 will introduce another cross-chain functionality, allowing users to move crypto between the Aave ecosystem on various networks, including Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon, and Solana. Meanwhile, Aave confirms V3 as a gateway to next-gen Layer-0 decentralized finance protocol.

Aave Price Ready to Surge

According to the daily price chart, Aave has been trading in a continuous pattern. That comes as the alternative coin encounter multiple obstacles in an attempt to rally. Meanwhile, Aave nears a symmetrical triangle apex, and a break past $364 can trigger upward price actions for the crypto.

The 100- and 200-SMA, coinciding with the prevailing cart pattern’s upper border at $346, remain stiff hurdles, preventing Aave’s higher movements. Rising bast this obstacle can translate to a massive upswing.

However, if consolidations proceeds, Aave will secure massive support around 21-day Simple Moving Average at $318, then 50-day SMA, corresponding with the triangle’s bottom border at $306. Increased selling momentum can have Aave dropping to 23.6% FIB retracement at $286.

Perché Polygon, Curve DAO Token e Harmony sono saliti alle stelle questa settimana?

Che cosa è successo?

Il mercato generale delle criptovalute ha visto un forte slancio verso l’alto durante il mese di ottobre. Molti altcoin legati a Ethereum hanno fatto guadagni particolarmente impressionanti nel corso della scorsa settimana in concomitanza con lo slancio per la blockchain e i suoi token.

Polygon, Curve DAO Token e Harmony sono stati tra i token che hanno visto i migliori guadagni durante nel corso di questo periodo. Alle 6 del mattino di sabato, le rispettive criptovalute erano in aumento di circa il 26%, 45% e 22,5% negli ultimi sette giorni di trading, secondo i dati di S&P Global Market Intelligence. Il token Ether di Ethereum è aumentato di circa l’8% in quel periodo.

Cosa significa questo?

L’utilizzo della blockchain Ethereum ha raggiunto un livello record la scorsa settimana, e l’aumento dell’impegno con la rete e  l’impennata dei prezzi per il token Ether sembrano aver incrementato i guadagni per Polygon, Curve DAO Token e Harmony. Oltre all’aumento del prezzo guidato da Ethereum, l’aumento del token Polygon può essere in parte dovuto all’investimento del team di sviluppo in Colexion – il più grande mercato asiatico per i token non fungibili.

Il token Curve DAO è una criptovaluta che supporta la blockchain Curve, una rete sulla blockchain di Ethereum progettata per il trading di stablecoin e per le puntate. Mentre Ethereum gode di una crescente popolarità e il valore del suo token Ether è salito a un livello record, il token Curve DAO sta beneficiando di questo slancio.

Anche il token di Harmony ha beneficiato dell’aumento di Ethereum. Harmony è una blockchain per distribuire e scalare applicazioni su Ethereum e altre reti.

Cosa verrà dopo

La crescente domanda di Ethereum sta facendo girare molte teste nello spazio delle criptovalute. Se la rete continua a vedere una rapida adozione, c’è una buona probabilità che Polygon, Curve DAO Token, Harmony e altre blockchain e criptovalute legate a Ethereum vedranno le loro valutazioni salire ben oltre i livelli attuali. Tuttavia, gli investitori dovrebbero anche tenere a mente che un peggioramento delle prospettive per Ethereum o un calo significativo del prezzo di Ether potrebbero causare un sell-off ancora più grande in altri token di criptovalute.

Dlaczego akcje Bakkt podlegały silnym wahaniom we wtorek

Co się stało?

We wtorek akcje Bakkt Holdings notowane były z dużą zmiennością. Początkowo wzrosły o 22,9%, a następnie spadły aż o 28,8%. Sesja zakończyła się spadkiem o 22,3%, ale nadal jest to poziom znacznie powyżej poziomu, na którym zakończyła poprzedni tydzień handlowy.

Dostawca kryptowalutowych instrumentów pochodnych przyciągnął uwagę traderów po ogłoszeniu w poniedziałek rano, że nawiązał współpracę z Mastercard, aby pomóc sprzedawcom, bankom i firmom z branży technologii finansowych w USA oferować rozwiązania i usługi kryptowalutowe.

Co dalej?

Usługi, do których partnerzy Mastercard będą mogli uzyskać dostęp dzięki integracji z Bakkt “obejmują możliwość kupowania, sprzedawania i przechowywania aktywów cyfrowych przez konsumentów za pośrednictwem portfeli depozytowych zasilanych przez platformę Bakkt, a także usprawnione wydawanie markowych kryptowalutowych kart debetowych i kredytowych”. Mastercard powiedział również, że włączy kryptowaluty do swojej oferty programów lojalnościowych.

Bakkt ogłosił w poniedziałek po południu, że nowe partnerstwo z firmą Fiserve, zajmującą się technologiami płatniczymi i finansowymi, zaoferuje rozszerzone możliwości transferu środków do i z portfeli mobilnych, czyniąc kryptowaluty wygodniejszymi w użyciu.

Co to oznacza?

Dzikie wahania cen Bakkt we wtorek sugerują, że inwestorzy mają trudności z podjęciem decyzji, czy te transakcje i związany z nimi szum zostały już w pełni uwzględnione w wycenie akcji technologicznych. Co więcej, duża część zmienności może być po prostu spowodowana działaniami day traderów. Wahania były tak duże, że w pewnym momencie sesji obrót akcjami został chwilowo wstrzymany.

Burzliwa faza prawdopodobnie jeszcze się nie skończyła – akcjonariusze Bakkt powinni być przygotowani na większą zmienność w najbliższych dniach.

Avalanche, Solana Price Analysis – 22 October

  • Solana appears to reward its loyal customers as it crosses above $200 in a mission to explore the record peaks of $215.
  • Avalanche stays on the path to $80 with the momentum gained after the alt broke past a critical descending trend-line.

Solana (SOL) maintained its upside trend yesterday even when BTC and ETH slowed down and retraced. The ‘smart’ contracts competitor crypto trades past $200 almost one day after reclaiming the critical $180 level.

The crypto space witnessed impressive price movements during the past sessions. Bitcoin managed to rally beyond its record high to trade above $67,000. On the other side, Ethereum neared its highs, located around $4,400. For now, BTC trades around $63,000 as bulls remain optimistic, taking the crypto to $70,000 before we end the week.

Also, ETH corrected to secure its support level at $4,000. Most analysts trust that these retracements will attract sidelined investors to subsequent rallies. Ethereum enthusiasts see the leading altcoin hitting $5,000 in the upcoming days.


While publishing this article, SOL hovers around $202 as bulls target the record high at $215 (Coinbase data). Meanwhile, the altcoin requires massive support to capitalize on bulls’ strength for higher price exploration rather than battling with bears.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence and the Relative Strength Index indicate a positive short-term outlook. As the former moves beyond the midline, it encourages bulls to storm the market and magnify their stakes. Also, the RSI moving towards the overbought territory shows buyers’ favoritism. The situation has higher chances to remain unchanged in the short term.


AVAX is on the path to challenge record peaks after the alt rebounded from the crucial support near $50, also the demand area. For now, bulls control the momentum as AVAX surged past the descending trend-line.

AVAX-USD Daily Price Chart

The 50-day Simple Moving Average also seems to follow the uptrend, offering support whenever necessary. Avalanche has its value at $64 as it targets $70 in the coming sessions. If the alternative coin receives broad market support, it might hit $80 in the coming days.

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