Finite and Infinite Mathematics:
Sets, Numbers, Lines, Equations, Probability

ISBN 978-1-4636-9269-8

Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living
ISBN 978-1-4538-1835-0

Teaching and Helping Students Think and Do Better
ISBN 978-1-4196-7435-8

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Our purpose as teachers or administrators is to educate our students to understand themselves, other people, and the world. We are to guide our students and colleagues to think clearly, rationally, and independently. Students must understand this purpose. We must keep these goals foremost in our minds.

We must be honest and modest in our thinking, open to criticism, accept our errors, and eager to increase our understanding. We must listen to our students, be fully aware of their feelings, respond to their questions, and probe their misunderstandings thereby clarifying issues.

We must encourage students by example and praise to continue to grow intellectually. We must give them the attention, understanding, deserved praise, and love that all human beings require.

Students and others are always watching you and learning from you. If you respond in anger, they will learn that this is an appropriate way to respond. Remember that your prime focus must be on education, with discipline done only when necessary.

Our job as teachers is to spend a lifetime learning, teaching, and inspiring. Let us all strive to do the very best we can do.

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